The founding family 

first 2

The first two
first AI

First AI Toggenburg buck: Idealview General Sherman
Mum and son

Mum and son have a quiet word.
Feeding frenzy Hiding
 Feeding Frenzy at the Falkenhagens. Do you think they will find us in here?
  Pascali 9mths

Idealview Pascali 9 months

Idealview Adabel Royal Dream

Reserve Senior Champion Saanen Adabel Royal Dream 2011 Adelaide Royal


Idealview Pascali

Reserve Junior Champion Saanen Idealview Pascali 2011 Adelaide Royal
I can take my coat off

I can take my coat off. Want to see?
Can I get closer

What exactly are you doing? Can I have a closer look?

My job is to inspect absolutely everything.
Girls at home
The herd at home.
Toggs together

Us Toggs have to stick together. Too many Saanens around here.
Psst! Here comes one now.
I want to be alone
Whatcha doing? 
Go away. I want to be alone.
I won't eat it

Just looking. I wouldn't eat it. Honest!
I need milking

The shed is back there and I need milking.
see its full

See! It's full.
  Me too 

Me too. Enough with the photos.  

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