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Briar Rose Goat Stud


Briar Rose is based in Victor Harbor, South Australia. Like many people we stumbled upon Australian Miniature Goats by chance. From the day our first two does arrived we were hooked!  More recently we have expanded to include a herd of pure bred dairy goats incorporating British Alpine, Toggenburg but mostly Anglo Nubians and are expecting our first kids later this year (September 2020).

Braimac Toggenburgs

 The Braimac Toggenburg Stud was established in1967.  We live in Cambrai which is a small town down on the flats from the Barossa Valley and 30kms west of the Murray.  CAE and JD negative for over 20 years.  Currently MN3 on the MAP scheme.  All kids are hand reared and bucket fed.

Burnslea Anglo Nubians

 Glenforslan Dairy Goats

Glenforslan Dairy Goats was established in 1957 by Don and Cynthia Byrnes and has belonged to Rosalie Skipper since 1970.
Glenforslan is based at Blanchetown, the start of the River Land. The stud consist of Toggenburgs since 1957 and Saanens 1998. The herd has been CAEV and JD tested negative since 1992.

Idealview Dairy Goats

Idealview Dairy Goats was established by John and Bec Falkenhagen in 2008 at Meningie, on the shores of Lake Albert  in South Australia and has both Toggenburgs and Saanens. We are buying quality, high-producing stock to build up numbers for our purebred registered and herd-recorded dairy herd. The herd has been tested negative for CAE and JD since inception and working towards MN3 Status.

Paraparinga Stud

Paraparinga Stud
is located in the Piccadilly Valley near Uraidla in the Adelaide Hills about 25 minutes east of the Adelaide CBD. Richard Nolan has been breeding, showing and judging dairy goats for 25 years and currently has British Alpines and Saanens in his herd. The herd is regularly tested and is negative to CAE and Johnnes Disease and acquired MN2 status in 2010.

Reafs Ridge Dairy Goat Stud

Reafs Ridge Dairy Goat Stud
is situated at Mingbool in the Lower South East of South Australia, 15kms north of Mount Gambier, home of the famous Blue Lake, and 40kms south of the Coonwarra wine region. Our stud was established in 2007 breeding quality British Alpine and Saanen goats. Our goal is to breed show quality animals that have high milk yields. Our herd has tested negative for C.A.E and J.D since inception and our stud has a J.D status of MN3.

Varykino Saanens

Varykino Saanens can be found at Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. Established in 1976 to breed beautiful Saanens, Varykino continues to produce high yielding animals with placid temperaments.