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The Committee has put together a body of books, DVD's and articles which may be of use and interest to you as you explore more about goats, their care and the wonderful products they supply.

These articles have been collected from a variety of online sources. We hope at least some of them will be interesting and helpful.

Goat milk nothing to bleat at - Demand from Asia for Australian goat milk is going through the roof, in fact the price paid to farmers for goat milk is around $1.75 a litre, compared to just 32 cents a litre for cows milk.....   Read more

Recognising a Sick Goat - Gary Pfalzbot, GoatWorld   Targetting the novice goat-keeper, this article gives some practical advice on how to observe and recognise signs indicating an unwell animal. Very well worth reading in full...    Read More

Housing Dairy Goats -  Informed Farmers , July 26th, 2011     Housing requirements for goats is a constant questions from beginners and this article, although U.S., based gives much food for thought.  It covers various aspects of housing and is very thorough in covering materials, size, layout and climatic considerations....Read more        

Cheese Matters - You've goat to be kidding - Kris Lloyd (Woodside Cheese Wrights), The Adelaide Review, April 2012  Goats have been milked since nomadic times, probably providing the original base for most cheese making. The wide variety of cheese produced with goat’s milk is some of the simplest but most interesting.....  Read more

The global gene pool of the goat seriously under threat science, research and technology news website, January 23, 2013  Amongst the range of domestic livestock species, the goat is not just the 'black sheep' but a resource of survival in impoverished countries, and many breeds are at great risk of disappearing. This is the case according to researchers of the Regional Service of Agro-Food Research and Development in their first monographic study tackling the global impact of this species......    Read More



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  'Classification - a Discussion' by DGSSA
This DVD was made by the Society to introduce and simplify the large and looming issue of classification for Australian dairy goat herds. It is a concept common and accepted overseas but new to Australian circles.

'Home Cheesemaking and All Things Dairy'  by Elisabeth Fekonia 
 A quaint introduction to making cheese and other dairy products in the home  kitchen.
It illustrates how easy cheese is to make and after trying the simple cheeses you will be inspired to venture further with your learning and experimenting.
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