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Goat's Milk Soaps:
Muffin cakes (home made by DGSSA members) $3.00
Goat mould bars (home made by DGSSA members) $5.00
Tilley's soap $2.00
Natural Secrets Range:
Goat's milk hand cream $7.00
Body cream $16.75
Hand wash $6.50
Shower Gel $10.00
Shampoo $10.00
Conditioner $10.00
Shampoo/conditioner pair $18.00
Baby bath lotion $10.00
  Coffee mug - goat photo print  $10.00       Coffeecups Cancoolers
       Coffee mugs - goat photo print           Can cooler - goat photo  


Can cooler - goat photo print $8.00
T-Shirts: "Milch goat" print  (sizes small to XL) $16.00
All But the Bleat $6.50
Basic Goat Care $6.00
Advice to Novice Dairy Goat Keepers $6.00
If I Buy a Dairy Goat $6.00
The Show Ring $5.00
The Australian Dairy Goat Breed Standards Manual $10.00
Calico carry bags   - goat print $6.00
Tea towels - "Milch goat" print $9.00  
Fridge magnets $2.00
Post cards $3.00
Key rings - goat photo $5.00
Collars $7.00

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