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Dairy Goat Society of Australia Ltd. - DGSA Federal PIRSA - Primary Industries & Regions S.A.   NSW DPI goat information
Queensland branch of the DGSA NLIS - National Livestock Identification System   DPIW Tasmania animal welfare guidelines
Tasmania branch of the DGSA MLA - Meat and Livestock Australia   Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia
Victoria branch of the DGSA Biosecurity SA: Animal Health   Australian Cashmere Growers Association
Western Australia branch of the DGSA GICA - Goat Industry Council of Australia   British Goat Society
New South Wales branch of the DGSA Animal Health Australia   American Dairy Goat Association
          American Goat Society
          Working/harness Goats
          Goat World
          Australian Miniature Goat Association
          South Australian Mohair Growers