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This page is to allow DGSA members to place goat related items for sale or trade. We ask that you do not offer items in competition with the Society Shop and that goats for sale be registered or from registered parentage only. The Committee also recommends that all purchasers obtain from the vendor a veterinary certificate stating that the animal for sale has recently tested negative for both Johne's Disease and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus (CAE) using ELISA test.  Reputable vendors do not object to you contacting the veterinary practice to check the authenticity of the certificate.

The Management Committee also reserves the right to veto any inappropriate advertisements.

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     *********Toggenburg Does For Sale***********

Braimac Twins 

Braimac Stud

Two Appendix D Toggenburg Does for sale.

                               Born in October & November last year

     I purchased them from an ex-breeder with a view to expanding my herd.         However circumstances have changed and I need to decrease numbers.

Both tested negative to CAE and will hopefully be kidding in December.

 I wish to sell the two together for $300. 


Contact:  Linda Schmidt 0438 645020 or email